man and dogs sledding

Dog Sledding is for Everyone

Most people go to the mountains to ski or snow board. But have you ever thought of dog sledding? It makes a great gift or family outing. Below are some deals we have found you. Remember the links below help support this website and channel. Thank you. Click here for accommodations Click here for Dog Sledding Groupon Deals Click here for accommodationsClick here for Dog … Continue reading Dog Sledding is for Everyone

The Real Shining Hotel – A Ghost Story

Just outside of Denver, Colorado, in the Rocky Mountains, is The Stanley Hotel. The Stanley Hotel is known as the inspiration for Stephen King’s 1977 novel, The Shining. Paranormal activity is a normal occurrence at the Stanley. And in this video, Colorado Martini will tell some of the many ghost stories that the Stanley has to tell. We will travel the haunted halls and discover how haunted this Estes Park, Colorado hotel really is. Continue reading The Real Shining Hotel – A Ghost Story