downtown Central City. Narrow brick street with old western style buildings. Some cars and old gas lamp post

Central City Colorado – The Town That Won’t Die

Jennie Johnson from the podcast “The Ordinary, Extraordinary Cemetery” joins Colorado Martini in a discussion about the twin towns of Central City and Black Hawk, Colorado. We will discuss the history of the towns and their famous picturesque cemeteries. Jennie has done tons of research of the area and brings her expertise to the discussion.  Continue reading Central City Colorado – The Town That Won’t Die

Two Historical Stories About Washington

On this episode of The Strange podcast and Talk Show, we talk two different stories about Washington. First, we will talk about my own story of how I was across the street from the Pentagon on a fateful day. We will also talk about the British coming into Washington in 1814. And the strange theory that a huge freak storm drove them out of Washington. Were they the victims of The Little Ice Age? Continue reading Two Historical Stories About Washington

The Strange Podcast

The podcast by YouTubers Colorado Martini that finds strange and curious subjects you want to know more about. On The Strange Podcast, Colorado Martini brings subject matter experts to the table to discuss and find unusual and obscure destinations and subjects. We love talking about hidden, strange and haunted history. The podcast that brings stories alive and to forefront in an intriguing and interesting matter. … Continue reading The Strange Podcast

Typhoid Mary – Her Story and Island Prison

The Strange Podcast and YouTube Talk Show starts the new year with the topic of Typhoid Mary and Cemetery Wandering as a hobby. We will talk with YouTuber Meg from U.S. Graves about her cemetery wandering and what she learned about Typhoid Mary. She will tell us where Mary Mallon (aka Typhoid Mary) is buried. And how she was quarantined for life on North Brother Island, New York for years. Continue reading Typhoid Mary – Her Story and Island Prison