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The Strange Podcast

Thank you everyone for your support on our podcast venture, “The Strange.” You all ROCK! Listen: Continue reading The Strange Podcast

An Evening with TV Show Ghost Hunters Star Brandon Alvis

Brandon Alvis is a talented paranormal investigator and technician with a love for history and pursuer of truth. Brandon was the lead paranormal technician on the A&E T.V. show the “Ghost Hunters.” He also founded the American Paranormal Research Association (APRA). Brandon has investigated over 200 public and private locations with APRA, many of which bear historical significance. His many Investigations have included mental hospitals, prisons, military bases, well-known murder sites, cemeteries, and private homes. As well as famous sites such as Alcatraz, Preston Castle, and the South Pittsburgh Hospital. We spent the evening with Brandon, discussing investigations, his thoughts on the recent trends in paranormal investigations, and new tech in the ghost hunting field. Continue reading An Evening with TV Show Ghost Hunters Star Brandon Alvis

The Strange Podcast

The podcast by YouTubers Colorado Martini that finds strange and curious subjects you want to know more about. On The Strange Podcast, Colorado Martini brings subject matter experts to the table to discuss and find unusual and obscure destinations and subjects. We love talking about hidden, strange and haunted history. The podcast that brings stories alive and to forefront in an intriguing and interesting matter. … Continue reading The Strange Podcast

Haunted Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs

Colorado is known for its grand old hotels. But one of the spookiest may be the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs. Once a hotel of to the elite to a WWII Naval hospital that included a morgue and crematoriums. Come with us on a quick tour of the hotel and some of its strange occurrences. Continue reading Haunted Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs

The Crossing memorial


In this investigation, we first stopped at the Greeley, Colorado State Armory. Where the bodies of 20 children were taken after a horrible school bus accident on a railroad crossing in 1961. The Armory acted as a temporary morgue. We catch several hits on the KII meter. These hits were like kids were playing with it. Then we were off to the crash site itself. Continue reading TRAGEDY AND HOPE AT THE CROSSING