My Aching Feet – How I Resolved the Pain

For many years now, my feet have been killing me. It has been so bad, that my family would have to rent a wheelchair for me when going to museums and amusement parks. It was debilitating and was hindering my life greatly. This video is my story on how I resolved the pain of my aching feet. Continue reading My Aching Feet – How I Resolved the Pain

Calling YouTube Creators

Calling YouTube Creators to the #IAmACreator Event #IAmACreatorThon4
If you are a small YouTuber. You will want to watch this video about growing your channel and the grassroots movement #IAmACreator. Your tribe of small creators will be attending the #IAmACreatorThon4 event on May 12, 2018. Host by our Braveheart “James Cox.” Continue reading Calling YouTube Creators