The Strange Podcast

The podcast by YouTubers Colorado Martini that finds strange and curious subjects you want to know more about. On The Strange Podcast, Colorado Martini brings subject matter experts to the table to discuss and find unusual and obscure destinations and subjects. We love talking about hidden, strange and haunted history. The podcast that brings stories alive and to forefront in an intriguing and interesting matter. … Continue reading The Strange Podcast

Tuberculosis & Vampire Lore

Did you know there is a tie between tuberculosis & Vampires lore? More than 200 years after the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials, another hysteria struck New England. It was the fear of vampires. During the 19th century, the spread of tuberculosis claimed the lives of entire families in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, and other parts of the New England states. The folklorist and author of Food for the Dead, Dr. Michael Bell will enlighten us on how New Englander’s tried to rid their houses and communities of this disease by claiming the dead were Vampires. They would desecrate the graves to rid the evil from the towns. Continue reading Tuberculosis & Vampire Lore

Leadville Colorado Forgotten Irish

Dr. Jim Walsh of the University of Colorado Denver, found a lonely graveyard with acres of unmarked graves in the famous Rocky Mountain mining town of Leadville, Colorado. The sinking grave sites hold between 1200 and 2000 forgotten Irish immigrants who once mined the area during the boom days of the late 1800’s. Dr. Walsh will tell us about the people who are buried there, their plight to find recognition and the projects to bring their stories to the forefront. Continue reading Leadville Colorado Forgotten Irish

Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument in Montana – a Place of Reflection

On June 25 and 26, 1876, 263 United States soldiers, including Lt. Col. George A. Custer and his armed forces, died fighting several thousand Lakota and Cheyenne warriors. This somber park honors the United States Army’s 7th Cavalry and the Lakota and Cheyenne Native Americans in one of the Indian’s last efforts to preserve their way of life. Continue reading Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument in Montana – a Place of Reflection

UA Flight 629 Facts A Crime to Remember – Colorado History

This story defined how the FBI does this type of investigation. This is the story of the doomed Flight 629 that met its faith in Longmont, Colorado. This is the story of Daisy Walker King and her son Jack Gilbert Graham. Also known as John Gilbert Graham. Come along with us as we explore the farm fields in Longmont and Firestone, Colorado. Continue reading UA Flight 629 Facts A Crime to Remember – Colorado History

Haunted Park Is Built Over 2000+ BODIES

In Denver, Colorado lays a beautiful 80.7 acre grassy knoll known as Cheesman Park. East of Denver’s Capitol Hill, the park boasts greenery, gardens, the Cheesman Pavilion & about 2,000 buried bodies. The homes around the family park have claims of hauntings and sighting of ghosts not only in their homes, but in the park and adjunct Denver Botanical Gardens.  Several skeletons have been discovered over the years and relocated to other cemeteries. The 1980 movie “The Changeling” is about these claimed hauntings. The director claims that the movie even scared Martin Scorsese and Guillermo del Toro. Continue reading Haunted Park Is Built Over 2000+ BODIES