Tuberculosis & Vampire Lore

Did you know there is a tie between tuberculosis & Vampires lore? More than 200 years after the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials, another hysteria struck New England. It was the fear of vampires. During the 19th century, the spread of tuberculosis claimed the lives of entire families in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, and other parts of the New England states. The folklorist and author of Food for the Dead, Dr. Michael Bell will enlighten us on how New Englander’s tried to rid their houses and communities of this disease by claiming the dead were Vampires. They would desecrate the graves to rid the evil from the towns. Continue reading Tuberculosis & Vampire Lore

4 Things to do on the Oregon Trail in Eastern Wyoming

We are lucky enough to live very close to many historical and beautiful places. One of those destinations we often travel to is Eastern Wyoming. Just north of Cheyenne and Interstate 80 (1.5 hours). And east of Interstate 25 is Guernsey, Wyoming. A quaint little town where you can catch up with the eastern Wyoming section of the Oregon Trail, Pony Express, Mormon Trial, and the California Trail. Continue reading 4 Things to do on the Oregon Trail in Eastern Wyoming