The Crossing memorial


In this investigation, we first stopped at the Greeley, Colorado State Armory. Where the bodies of 20 children were taken after a horrible school bus accident on a railroad crossing in 1961. The Armory acted as a temporary morgue. We catch several hits on the KII meter. These hits were like kids were playing with it. Then we were off to the crash site itself. Continue reading TRAGEDY AND HOPE AT THE CROSSING

Haunted Park Is Built Over 2000+ BODIES

In Denver, Colorado lays a beautiful 80.7 acre grassy knoll known as Cheesman Park. East of Denver’s Capitol Hill, the park boasts greenery, gardens, the Cheesman Pavilion & about 2,000 buried bodies. The homes around the family park have claims of hauntings and sighting of ghosts not only in their homes, but in the park and adjunct Denver Botanical Gardens.  Several skeletons have been discovered over the years and relocated to other cemeteries. The 1980 movie “The Changeling” is about these claimed hauntings. The director claims that the movie even scared Martin Scorsese and Guillermo del Toro. Continue reading Haunted Park Is Built Over 2000+ BODIES