The Mickelson Trail in the Black Hills

The George S. Mickelson Trail is an old railroad trail in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. The main trail route extends 108.8 miles, from Edgemont to Deadwood, with approximately nine miles of additional branch trails, including a three-mile paved link from Custer to the Custer State Park. Come on a ride with us as we take the trail from the ghost town of … Continue reading The Mickelson Trail in the Black Hills

Boulder County Colorado Day Trip – Boulder Canyon, Rock Climbing, Caribou Ranch & Nederlands

Come with us on a day trip up to Boulder Canyon, Nederlands, Mud Lakes and Caribou Ranch. These areas are just above Boulder, Colorado. And just west of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. On the way we will show you where to find rock climbers, picnic spots, and hiking trails. We will even show you where to find the now defunct famous Caribou Ranch Recording Studio. Where famous musicians once wrote and recorded their albums. Continue reading Boulder County Colorado Day Trip – Boulder Canyon, Rock Climbing, Caribou Ranch & Nederlands

Traveling During a Pandemic

We get asked a lot how we afford to travel so much. And how we are traveling during the Covid outbreak. Simply we waited until things opened up again. We stay close to home. We are only doing road trips to sparely populated places. We keep to ourselves and not socialize with others. And most importantly, we stay in places where we have more control over our health that goes beyond masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, and social distancing. Continue reading Traveling During a Pandemic

Florissant National Monument

Is Everything in Colorado is Stoned? Come along with us as we show you the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. In a beautiful grassy mountain valley in central Colorado lies one of the richest and most diverse fossil deposits in the world. Petrified redwood stumps up to 14 feet wide and thousands of fossils of insects and plants reveal the story of a very different, prehistoric Colorado. A great day trip from Colorado Springs or Cripple Creek Colorado. Continue reading Florissant National Monument