Distortions Monster World by Distortions Unlimited

Distortions Monster World now showing in Denver Colorado. Distortions Unlimited, is a Halloween manufacturing company and online Halloween store that has been “Making Monsters” since 1978. They make animatronics, props, masks, costumes and displays for a variety of customers. You most likely have seen their creations used by Halloween events, theme parks, haunted houses, and horror movie. They have set up an “art” exhibit in downtown Denver, Colorado called Distortions Monster World. Where you can find a series of cinematic environments that immerse you into an environment of creatures and characters. Many you’ll recognize from music, film, T.V., and your favorite haunted attractions. Come along with us as we take you on a tour of Distortions Monster World Continue reading Distortions Monster World by Distortions Unlimited

Tuberculosis & Vampire Lore

Did you know there is a tie between tuberculosis & Vampires lore? More than 200 years after the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials, another hysteria struck New England. It was the fear of vampires. During the 19th century, the spread of tuberculosis claimed the lives of entire families in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, and other parts of the New England states. The folklorist and author of Food for the Dead, Dr. Michael Bell will enlighten us on how New Englander’s tried to rid their houses and communities of this disease by claiming the dead were Vampires. They would desecrate the graves to rid the evil from the towns. Continue reading Tuberculosis & Vampire Lore

Leadville Colorado Forgotten Irish

Dr. Jim Walsh of the University of Colorado Denver, found a lonely graveyard with acres of unmarked graves in the famous Rocky Mountain mining town of Leadville, Colorado. The sinking grave sites hold between 1200 and 2000 forgotten Irish immigrants who once mined the area during the boom days of the late 1800’s. Dr. Walsh will tell us about the people who are buried there, their plight to find recognition and the projects to bring their stories to the forefront. Continue reading Leadville Colorado Forgotten Irish

Haunted Colorado | Ghost in the Gardens

Haunted Colorado | Ghost in the Gardens – Denver Botanic Gardens are the largest and prettiest gardens I have ever had the pleasure to visit. During the day the garden’s beauty surpasses the rest. Maybe because the dirt has compost like no other. This is the site of the long-forgotten Mount Calvary Cemetery. Like its next-door neighbor, Cheesman Park, several bodies were left behind. We dared to go there after dark and conjured our courage to walk the dark paths and haunted mansion after hours. Continue reading Haunted Colorado | Ghost in the Gardens

13th Floor Haunted House w/a 4K IR Camera

13th Floor Haunted House is back for another season and is more frightening than ever! We stepped into the horror with our infrared (IR) 4K cameras at Denver’s most terrifying haunted house during the VIP Press Night. Colorado Martini were among the first to brave the haunting experience and see the new attractions and monsters at Denver, Colorado’s premiere haunted house the 13th Floor and City of the Dead & Asylum. Continue reading 13th Floor Haunted House w/a 4K IR Camera

What is Car Cruising All About & The Longmont Cruise Night

What is Car Cruising All About & The Longmont Cruise Night – Car cruising has a long history. Unlike regular driving, cruising is social and has a recreational nature to the activity. The drive can be impulsive, random, and aimless. The route taken while cruising is usually a popular route or main “strip” in a town. A strip where everyone comes to hang out and drive up and down the strip in their car. “Cruise nights” are considered evenings where cars drive slowly down the strip. And often a cruise is a gathering of car enthusiasts and are regular events. All this while being at the Longmont Colorado Cruise Night 2019. Continue reading What is Car Cruising All About & The Longmont Cruise Night

The Most Bizarre Car Show Ever – Hearse Con

Hearse Con Colorado is a hearse and ambulance car show. Although there are many of hearse and ambulance car shows around the world. This one is one of the best. This Con has been featured in Forbes, Fox News, Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and more. The event brings together classic hearses and ambulances from as far away as Florida, California, New York, Alaska Canada and Mexico. Continue reading The Most Bizarre Car Show Ever – Hearse Con

Cheap Date Night – Goonies Never Say Die

We have been married for over 32 years. Our healthy relationship is based on love, friendship, communication, laughter, and getting out together on frequent cheap date nights and having a whole lot of fun. On our many date night videos we share how we accomplish this on a budget. Continue reading Cheap Date Night – Goonies Never Say Die