The Crossing memorial


In this investigation, we first stopped at the Greeley, Colorado State Armory.  Where the bodies of 20 children were taken after a horrible school bus accident on a railroad crossing in 1961. The Armory acted as a temporary morgue. We catch several hits on the KII meter. These hits were like kids were playing with it. Then we were off to the crash site itself.

Due to this incident, Federal law requires commercial vehicles that carry either passengers or hazardous materials to stop at railroad crossings to ensure that there are no approaching trains, even if crossing gates and signals are in place. School bus drivers are required to open the front door at crossings to ensure that they can see and hear approaching trains.

Thank you to the Kindred Spirits Society International for organizing this event. And thank you to Brooks for creating a marvelous history project to help us understand the event better. GOOD JOB Brooks.


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Coordinates to The Crossing memorial

County Road 57, Greeley, Weld County

Click to see map: GPS +040.363000, -104.653170

Click to see map: 40°21’46.8″N 104°39’11.4″W

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CMS025 GREELEYHISTORY 42849, Denver Public Library, Digital Collection,, Retrieved 28 April 2019.

This photograph depicts the angle at which the road and the tracks intersected. The bus is parked in the area where Duane Harms stopped to look for a train before driving over the crossing.  The photo is from the trial exhibits of defense attorney Jim Shelton. (COURTESY VIRGINIA SHELTON/1962)

Bus pictures Photo courtesy of Greeley Museums

Thank you Brooks for putting together an amazing project. And allowing us to film it.


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