BPA & Canning Lids

What is BPA?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a compound often used in plastics. BPA is used to make plastic hard and to create a coating that keeps metal from rusting. It can be found in plastic containers and commercial metal cans. Food absorbs BPA when it is in direct contact. Hence getting into our bodies when eaten.

Various studies have shown that BPA can cause serious health issues. Such as disruption of hormone levels. There are many debates about these studies.  But some counties have still entirely banned BPA.

Several BPA Free Canning Lid
BPA Free Canning Lid

BPA and Canning Lids

The presence of BPA can be found in the lining on the underside of some canning lids. Some companies have recently removed the BPA coating. But it is so recent older lids might still be on the grocery shelves. So to be sure, buy lids that say BPA-free on the box or package. And replace any lids you have be recycling for years. I personally use canning jars for a lot of other things than canning. So my lids have been reused for many years. I just recently replaced them all with BPA-free lids.

A box of BPA Free replacement lids

Ball and Bernardin brands have removed BPA from their lids as of 2015. Jarden lids (that is Ball, Bernardin and Kerr brand lids) have been BPA free since the start of 2013. Jarden’s “Golden Harvest” lids do not have any underside coating to be concerned with.

BPA Free Canning Lid close up
BPA free canning lid looks very similar to BPA lids

If you find the following markings on Ball or Kerr lid boxes, your lid is most likely BPA-free:

  • “Made in USA” on the box
  • Has an American flag on the box
  • “BPA Free” on the box
  • “Made in USA” right on the lid